Rights of military personnel

Observance of the Rights of Military Personnel during Military Service

According to the Constitution, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, regardless of race, language, ethnic background, political or other beliefs, education, origin, property or other status, as well as other circumstances, are obligated to perform military service in the Armed Forces, other military formations, and state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic where military service is prescribed by law.

In accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic 'On the General Military Obligation of Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, on Military and Alternative Services,' conscripts are defined as male citizens aged eighteen to twenty-five years, who are registered with district (municipal) military commissariats and are subject to compulsory call-up for military or alternative service.

The conscription of citizens for military service in accordance with the presidential decree includes compulsory military service and alternative service, and is conducted twice a year. In accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic 'On the Status of Servicemen,' citizens acquire the status of servicemen from the day of conscription for military service (voluntary or contractual enlistment) or call-up for training.

Consequently, from the moment of conscripting citizens for military service, the State assumes the responsibilities for ensuring the health and lives of servicemen. To achieve this, servicemen are guaranteed medical monitoring of their health status, daily medical observation of personnel, medical examinations of servicemen, as well as conducting in-depth and follow-up medical assessments.