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«Parliamentary control over the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic carried Akyikatchy (Ombudsman)»


Kyrgyzstan woman is not able to return her son from the Pakistani ex-husband despite the court decision

According the complaints of the Kyrgyzstani woman Mrs Ailchieva who is not able to return her son Yusuf Zeb Khan for more than 4 years who is currently with her Pakistsani ex-husband Mukhmmad Zeb Khan and being hunting down by court agencies and police of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Kyrgyz Ombudsman Office and Foreign Ministry informs the following.

The complaint is has been under control since 2012 by the Kyrgyz Embassy in Pakistan.

After the applying by the Kyrgyz Ombudsman Kubat Otorbaev to the Foreign affairs ministry on April 26 2016 in the Supreme Court of Peshawar city the hearing were held. According the decision all courts decided to grant Mrs Ailchieva a right to take care of her son. Police officials of Swabi district were ordered to conduct a court decision and hand a son over to her Mrs Ailchieva.

During the court hearing Kyrgyz diplomats applied to the Pakistani juries to solve the issue faced by the Kyrgyzstani woman.

During the official trip to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa meetings of Chargé d'affaires of Kyrgyzstan Mrs Ibraeva with vice Inspector General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Gen. Takhir Khan, police officer of Swabi district Javed, officer police department of Yar Khussein community Gul were held. They informed on activities which aimed on hunting down the Pakistani national Mukhmmad Zeb Khan. In her turn Kyrgyz diplomat has applied to the police officials with the request to solve this issue.

Thanks to police officials` support Kyrgyz diplomats and Kyrgyz national

Mrs Ailchieva visited the house of the family of Mukhmammad Zeb Khan in Yakubi.

Presently the main issue is practical conduct of the court decision. It is worthy to point out that court decision enforcement is a prerogative of the law enforcement and competent authorities of Pakistan.