Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the Kyrgyz Republic

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«Parliamentary control over the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic carried Akyikatchy (Ombudsman)»


Kyrgyz Ombudsman: “For the safety in Republican center of the mental health staff must be consist of male nurses predominantly”

On July 28 Ombudsman and vice Ombudsman monitored Republican center of the mental health in Bishkek. The reason for monitoring was an accident which took place in 9th department on July 26 2016.



At the beginning they conducted a dialogue with a head of that department Liana Salomakhina. She said that on July 25 2016 Litvinov was delivered to the 1st department. But he and other patients were temporally shifted to another department because disinfection was held in the 1st department.



According the heads of the 9th department Litvinov was very aggressive when he was shifted. When Litvinov and Elebesov were in the smoking room Litvinov was beaten by Elebesov.



On July 26 Elebesov was interviewed. He said that Litvinov started to fight and scolded him. Elebesov in the presence of head of the department and Ombudsman office staff asked forgiveness from the wife of Litvinov.



Concerning other 12 patients who said that they were beaten by soldiers in the smoking room the soldiers were interviewed also. The soldiers did not admit their guilty.



Next day at 9 35 am Litvinova, wife of Litvinov, came to the Republican center of the mental health. Head of 9th department suggested her to shift her husband to the 9th department. Wife of Elibesov agreed to cover all expenses. But Mrs Litvinova refused to do that and took her husband home.



Kyrgyz Ombudsman monitored all departments of the Republican center of the mental health. As it turned out all medical staff consist of the females predominantly. Hence during the conflict with the patients female staff members often being beaten and wounded. Kyrgyz Ombudsman suggested to increase a number of male staff in the 9th department.



During the interview with one of the soldiers Ombudsman doubted about a proper medical check-up of the inductees. Kyrgyz Ombudsman having met with the Mr Ermegaliev, deputy director of the therapeutic department, said that it is required to pay a closer attention to the inductees. If there will be cases of mental disability among the inductees doctors will be responsible for that.  



The total number of the patients is 399. The total number of medical staff is 392. Besides from that Ombudsman was given info on food for the patients, medicines, renovation costs.



         According the Ombudsman state agencies must do the following:



-         Encourage medical staff to work harder by increasing wages. Presently their monthly salary is 5000 soms.



-         Renovate all buildings of the hospital. For 10 years it was not renovated.



-         Allocate funds for food and medicines



-         Equip with medical equipment and furniture.