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«Parliamentary control over the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic carried Akyikatchy (Ombudsman)»


KR Kubat Otorbaev Ombudsman took control of investigation into the beating by police of 35 year old man

The staff of the Ombudsman office in Batken region visited the 35-year-old resident of the village Orukzar Nurgazy Sartaev, who was beaten by police on the night of 29 June 30, as a result it has two kidneys, and other internal organs were injured. At this time the victim is being treated at the Department of Surgery Kadamzhay district hospital.

According to Sartaev N. June 9 he, being drunk, met on the street of the village Orukzar police inspector Narbolot Kurbanbekov. Between them there was a verbal altercation, whereby Sartaev N. was taken to the police station. In the police station 4-5 unknown men without any reason started beating Sartaev N. In the morning, when the Sartaev N.’s brother came to the Department, officers demanded $ 1,000 as a penalty from his brother, but after much persuasion released Sartaev N. for 5000 soms. The money was transferred to the local policemen Narbolot Kurbanbekov and Sartaev N. withdrawn and immediately taken to hospital.

In turn, the District Department of Internal Affairs Kadamjay District denies this information. According to the police captain Narboto Kurbanbekov, June 29 the police received information that a resident of the village Orukzar N.Sartaev drunken located near the "Texas" shopping center. At the same time, as reported in his hands he held a stone. "Arrived at the police detained him and taken to the police station №24. N.Sartaev foul language in the address of the police officers, began to bully, to say that he will appeal to the prosecutor. Administrative report was drawn up under Art. 364 ("petty hooliganism"). He drunken violated public order, interfere with passing motor vehicles. His illegal actions can confirm witnesses. After detention he tried to break the lock. There are statements about his disturbing public order " - Said Narboto Kurbanbekov. We also learned that the prosecution of the Kadamjay district and a private security service of the police department of Batken oblast started an internal investigation. If the results of the investigation will be clarified involvement in the beating by police officer, he will be prosecuted under the law.

Based on this review, the Ombudsman of the KR Kubat Otorbaev took control of the case and requested the representation of Batken oblast to closely monitor the situation.